A New Kind of SEO

Today, nearly all businesses acknowledge the need for SEO services of some kind, whether it is something that is done in-house or a service that they outsource.  But, not all SEO companies consider SEO to just be traffic generation, as has been the definition in the past.

One Wichita Kansas SEO Service, Empeerean SEO, does things a little differently.  While traffic generation is still a primary goal, Empeerean SEO also works to optimize the “Type” of traffic generated (visitors that are in a buying mood or not) and optimizes the conversion of visitors into customers.  Gary Wolfer, principal of Empeerean SEO indicates that many businesses do not do a good job of taking care of these critical factors.  ”If the visitor is just looking or if we don’t have stong calls to action to urge the visitor to buy, we are wasting the visit!”, says Wolfer.

Many businesses would consider what Empeerean does as “Internet Marketing”, rather of “SEO”.  Wolfer says, “Call it what you want.  We just want our customers to be successful.  And, we will do what it takes to make them that way!  We love doing SEO, Wichita KS is one of the places we do it!”

As the SEO industry matures, more SEO companies may begin to offer these additional services.  Wolfer just says, “It’s the way of the future”.